Biomutant – How to Get a Mount

While not the largest in open-world games, Biomutant still features a vast world of 64 Sq. Km. Traversing such a vast world by foot can be tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are various forms of mounts you can use in the game, both animal and mechanical. The developers have done an awesome job when it comes to the means of transport. As you progress in the game, you will come across more and more ingenious ways to travel. You can use Gliders, animal mounts, Jetpacks, Boats, Zorb, Mechs, and more. But, you need to find a mount first. If you are wondering how to get a mount in Biomutant, we have drafted this guide to help you.

How to Get the First Mount in Biomutant

To get a mount in Biomutant or the first mount, you need to complete a request for the leader of the tribe you choose or you can purchase the mount. No matter the tribe you choose, there would be a first request and it would lead you to the first mount. The Sifu of your chosen tribe would request you to capture an enemy outpost. Once you have performed the task, head outside from the main entrance of the outpost and you will come across a mutated goat. At this point, there would be a cutscene that explains how taming works in Biomutant. There is a specific fruit that you can use to tame animals.

As for the first mount or the goat like creature at hand, you will find the fruit nearby, it below the bushes. Just roll under the bush to pick the fruit, approach the goat and use the on-screen prompt to feed it. With this simple step, you would have acquired your first mount in Biomutant.

Like most things in Biomutant, you can also purchase the mount from sellers in outposts. There are other places as well where you can purchase the mount, but the seller in outposts are the best.

Biomutant also allows you to capture special mounts that you would come across as you continue to play the game and complete quests. Once you have acquired a mount, you can call them anywhere in the game. You can use the vehicles sub-menu for the purpose. The mount would spawn right behind you.

So, in a nutshell, that’s how to get a mount in Biomutant. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips.       

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