Biomutant – How to Get a Mech

Mech is known as Mekton in Biomutant and it is the sort of a robot that helps to navigate hazardous locations and works as a weapon in the battle. Mech doesn’t the only dash, jump, and clear out oil slicks but also helps to bring down enemies using its auto-canon. One of the best parts of Mech is that you can customize it throughout the game. Let’s learn here how to get a Mech in Biomutant.

How to Get a Mech in Biomutant

In order to get a Mech (Mekton) in Biomutant, you need to talk to an NPC called Gizzmo in the Chuck station. He will provide you a Mech as a part of the Main quest for the Dark land locations of this game.

Conversely, first of all, before getting the Mech, you will have to capture 6 creatures for Gizzmo and also collect some Mech parts – Do not worry! He will guide everything from where you can find them all.

Thus, you have to go through some of the Hypoxia Zones and you will get damage if you will stay there for long period of time. So, make sure to do it as quickly as possible and find out the door which is already marked by a quest marker and then go with the other markers.

On the other side of the door, you will find some parts you require to give Gizzmo. Once collected, go back to Gizzmo and complete the quest.

Once you will complete this quest successfully, you can utilize the Mech again. For this, you need to visit a Mekton docking station. You can find out these spots on your map via yellow dots and then you need to press on the D-pad or press 4 on your keyboard and grab your Mech and use it to fight enemies.

That’s everything you need to know about How to Get a Mech in Biomutant.

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