Biomutant – How to Climb

How to Climb in Biomutant

There are various ways to traverse the world of Biomutant and the game is pretty good at explaining stuff, but climbing is something that does not become apparent from the get go. While you can climb in the game, there are only certain places where the climb works. Other places you have to utilize the various machines in the game. To climb in Biomutant you need to identify the specific spots that allow it. In this guide, we will show you how to climb in Biomutant.

How to Climb in Biomutant

To climb in Biomutant, you need to find the specific climbing spot, which is not difficult to find. Look for the yellow marking on walls and mountains. These are the areas where you can climb. The yellow markings are quite distinct and you will easily identify them when you see it.

Biomutant climb spot

The game also has a side quest of shorts to introduce you to the climbing mechanics called the Pebble’s Climbspot Tests. You will come across the mechanics quite early on. In the Pebble’s Climbspot Tests, you will be required to go to three different climbing spots in the game and perform the climb. After completing the task, the Crowbar will upgrade to level 2.

Once you have identified the climbing spot with the yellow markings, the climb itself works similar to running in the game. However, to start the climb, you need to approach the surface and hit the jump button, which gets you on the wall. From there on, simply press forward to move up.

So, while climbing is a simple mechanics to get used to, the spot you can climb needs to be identified. The game has plenty of spot where you would be required to apply the climb mechanics.

That’s all you need to know about how to climb in Biomutant. For more guides, tips, and technical guides, refer to our category.    

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