Biomutant – How to Beat Murk Puff

Murk Puff is one of the four Worldeater bosses that you need to defeat during the main Biomutant quest. He is on the Northwest side of the map and he is going to destroy one of the roots of the trees of life. Before he will destroy it, get into the den and beat him using your Octopod. Since it is quite tough to beat, you should know about some of the best strategies to bring him down easily. Here we are going to discuss the strategies to beat him as quickly as possible.

How to Beat Murk Puff in Biomutant

The fight with Murk Puff boss would take place in three phases. You will see three health bars on your screen for each phase. Now let’s learn how to beat Murk Puff in Biomutant.

Phase 1

In the first phase, Murk Puff will charge you. You need to dodge his attacks. Gratefully, you will come to know when he is going to attack you as he will raise his tail in the air before attacking. So, you can easily dodge his charge attacks. Here you need to keep attacking his head using firing missiles.

Also, he will spin around in the water and will create a shock wave to attack you. Again, you need to dodge this and keep swimming around. Here you can also use the Octopods dash ability.

Thus, keep dodging these two attacks and keep firing missiles on his head and eventually, you will see his health bar will be decreased. And then, this phase will be ended.

Phase 2

In this phase, Murk Puff will hide away in its shell and will explode a few mines in the water which will come to you to attack. Here you need to use Guppos using the left trigger. It will detonate mines for you. You just make sure to dodge those blasts or you will get massive damage or you’ll die right away.

Once you see, his health bar comes up, start again firing missiles on his head. He will keep using the same attacks as we have mentioned in the last phase and also, he will use new attack elements this time. Do not put down your missiles and keep firing up and along with it, keep avoiding his new attacks as well. And at the end, Murk Puff will fall down.

Phase 3

In this final phase, he will spew out a huge amount of water from its mouth and will throw it at you. Again, you need to dodge this attack and after sometimes he will be stopped but you will be continuing firing missiles.

Also, he will get up and will clap his both hands to create large waves to beat you but you will not stop firing missiles while dodging his attacks. And ultimately, his health bar will come down to zero and he will fall.

Thus, it is quite easy to beat Murk Puff in Biomutant. Sifu will praise your efforts to save the Tree of Life!

That’s everything you need to know how to Beat Murk Puff in Biomutant. Also, check out – How to Upgrade Armor and Weapons in Biomutant?

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