Biomutant – How to Beat Jumbo Puff

Biomutant - How to Beat Jumbo Puff

Biomutant presents us with a series of main missions to advance the story. Among them, we find the missions of the World Eaters plot. There are a total of 4 World Eaters in the game – Jumbo Puff boss is the first boss to face. This is one of the largest and deadliest bosses. You will encounter it at several points during the gameplay but you cannot kill until you reach a certain point in the game. Since it is quite tricky to bring it down, here we will let you know how to beat Jumbo Puff.

How to Beat Jumbo Puff in Biomutant

The fight against the Jumbo Puff is divided into three phases, so you need to be very cautious throughout the fight.

First Phase:

At first, you must dodge the shock waves and fire from the Jumbo Puff. Don’t let him come close to you, or he’ll use his tongue to hurt you. If he grabs you, quickly press the attack button (L2/LT) to use your ‘Sqvip’ attack. You must shoot with the Mekton until you see a sequence. It will then climb up on the ledge and will throw rocks at you. Simply, keep moving side to side to avoid damage from those rocks.

Second Phase:

Now the Jumbo Puff uses a wire as an electric whip. You have to keep shooting as you move sideways until you deal enough damage to make it climb back into the rubble. Once again, dodge its attacks and missiles, and when it jumps up and opens its mouth, throw some Sqvip at it to make it vulnerable.

Third phase:

When the Jumbo Puff’s last health bar remains, it will destroy your fuse and swallow you whole. However, do not get depressed. You are now in the belly of the beast. From there, you must go to its heart, for which you must climb and go through the openings. If you are knocked down in the stomach, just climb up and then continue to damage your heart until the Jumbo Puff is dead. When you’re able to drain its health bar completely, you will come back out and the boss will fall over dead.

That’s all for this guide on How to Beat Jumbo Puff in Biomutant.

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