Biomutant – Can you Change Class after Starting Game

Biomutant game is available from today May 25, 2021, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. In this game, there are several classes and you need to choose one while character creation at the beginning of the game. Biomutant’s character creation system offers players a lot of options when it comes to designing their characters. But can you change class after starting the game? Do you need to restart the game in case you want to change the class of the character? Here we have answered.

Can you Change Class after Starting the Game in Biomutant?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your character’s class once the game has begun and you have already created your character.

Biomutant offers many freedoms but in the case of changing a character’s class, it is out of luck. However, you can restart your game if you want to alter the class. That is the only option as of now.

Also, it is not possible to try out any particular class in the demo before starting a real game since Biomutant doesn’t offer a playable demo. Moreover, players could not access any kind of play before its final release. The game is out now, and you need to start playing the game and try with any random class.

There are a total 5 main classes in Biomutant:

1. Dead-Eye

2. PSI-Freak

3. Sentinel

4. Saboteur

5. Commando

There is a 6th class also which is called the Mercenary but it is a pre-order exclusive bonus and it has a mix of the other 5 classes. When you pick any class, it will provide a certain opening loadout along with an exclusive class perk. Make sure to choose your character’s class carefully, as we have just mentioned, you will not be able to change it after starting the game.

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