Biomutant Best Settings for PC – How to Boost FPS

Biomutant Best Settings for PC - How to Boost FPS

Finally, Biomutant is launched including both of the new consoles – the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S as well as it is available on PC and other consoles. If you are playing this new game on your PC and if you are facing any visual-related issues, you are here at the right place. If you are having a mid-range PC system, it is not advisable to push your game to 1440p or 4k as it will consume more graphics horsepower and ultimately, the performance of your game will be affected. So, the best advice is to go with the following Biomutant PC settings that will also boost up FPS.

Biomutant Best Settings for PC – How to Boost FPS

The following settings are the excellent baseline for mid-range systems and they can help to achieve 60 FPS at a sensible resolution.

Here are the best PC settings if you want to enhance the visual quality and boost FPS while playing the game.

– Window Mode: Fullscreen

– Resolution: Native Resolution

– Vertical Sync: Off

– Sharpening Amount: 20

– Dynamic Resolution: Off

– Resolution Scale: 100

– Framerate Limit: Off

– Preset: Custom

– Texture Quality: High

– Shadow Quality: Medium

– Post Process Quality: Medium

– Effects Quality: Medium

– Foliage Density: high

– Anti-Aliasing: Max

– Object Detail: High

– Fur Detail: Default

– World Draw Distance: Default

Biomutant game is using Dynamic Resolution that allows the game to adjust automatically the resolution to maintain a consistent frame rate. If you are not able to maintain 60 FPS in your game, the above settings will be helpful.

That’s everything you need to know about Biomutant Best Settings for PC – How to Boost FPS.

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