Biomutant Bagman Trophy/Achievement Guide

There are a range of different trophy or achievement in Biomutant that you can obtain. Quite early in the game, you will come across an NPC called Honki who has a side quest for you. Upon the completion of the request, you will unlock the Bagman Trophy/Achievement. But, there is a little more to uncloking the trophy. Stick with the Biomutant Bagman Trophy/Achievement guide and we will walk you through the entire process.

Biomutant Bagman Trophy/Achievement Guide

To unlock the Bagman trophy or achievement, you need to perform two tasks that are tied to one another. First, you need to find the NPC named Hanoki. Once you have found him, take the side quest and complete it. This will enable you the ability to buy an item from the NPC. Once you purchase the item, the Bagman Trophy is yours.

To find Honki, you need to head to Sector 7G at coordinates X: -146050, Y: -174969 in the Sprill Slope area south of The Belowabove. Go into the home of the NPC and speak with him. He will assign you the side quest that involves finding some items.

Once the quest is completed and the items are found, return to Honki and you can now trade with him. Choose the dialogue “Show me what you’ve got” while talking to the NPC and he will show you the inventory. It does not matter what you choose to buy, you will still unlock the Bagman Trophy. And you only need to purchase a single item from him.

Getting the trophy is quite easy and the only trouble in the entire thing is to find the NPC. After that the entire thing is a process that gets over quite quickly. After you have made the purchase, the trophy is yours.

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