Big PS5 Software Update Rolling Tomorrow – Here’s What to Expect

Big PS5 Software Update Coming Tommorrow - Here's What to Expect

Over the past several months since the launch of the next-gen PlayStation console, there hasn’t been any major update for the PS5. However, that’s to change as Sony has confirmed to roll out the first major update globally on April 14th. The update includes a range of enhancements as well as bug fixes.

One of the most awaited features already available for PS4 titles is being included in the PS5. Once the update has rolled, you will be able to store PS5 games on an external hard drive. You still won’t be able to play them on the external drive; but that should allow you some breathing space for new games.

Other features included intuitiveness to the Game Base hub. After the update, the Game Base hub will become easier to navigate, Share Play across other generations of consoles, and alter between friends and parties more quickly.

On a minor note, there would be improvement to the PlayStation App for smartphones. You will be able to hide games in the Library, modify the party chat voice volumes, pre-download the updates automatically, and other smaller changes.

While there is nothing said about the quality of gaming, we hope some improvements will come to the frequent crashing of a lot of games on the PS5.

On a disappointing note, the update does not activate the M.2 expansion slot. When it’s activated, users of the device would be able to expand the internal storage by adding additional slots of compatible SSDs.

While the update may not seem like a very big update, any update is welcome. We will have to see what else the update includes once it’s rolled fully on 14th April.

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