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Best Wheel Settings for F1 2021 Game

Best Wheel Settings for F1 2021 Game

F1 2021 is about to release with less than a day remaining. As you gear up for the new game, the most essential aspect when you start would be the wheel settings. Having the right settings makes the game smoother as well as boosts your chances of winning. A wheel greatly enhances your control of the car. Some of the wheels we suggest are Thrustmaster TMX (Xbox), Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer (PC), and Fanatec CSL Elite (PS). Logitech G923 works great for both Xbox and PS.

If you don’t own the above wheel, don’t worry, any good wheel does the job just fine. If you use the Thrustmaster for PC, it comes with a control panel that allows you to change quite a lot of things. Leave everything in the settings to default, but ensure that you are using the Wheel Rotation/Angle at 360o

360 degrees is what real racers use and it’s what the game is designed at. While other settings make the game more competitive, it can be difficult to drive if you are not experienced. With that cleared up, let’s look at the best wheel settings for F1 2021 game.

F1 2021 – Best Wheel Settings to Win Races

To get to the settings of the wheel, you need to press the Pause button when in-game and then, head to the Settings. A lot has changed with the title this year including the Menus. So, if you are used to the previous menus, you may need to spend some time, but nothing complicated. A minute should suffice.

To get the best wheel settings in F1 2021, you need to modify the Control, Vibration & Force Feedback. So, head there. You will see a lot of Wheels presets listed, but mostly Thrustmaster. If your Wheel is not listed, go with the option Generic Settings. Here are the steps for what you need to go next.

  1. Click on one of the preset and click on Edit
  2. Go to Calibration and set:
    • Throttle Deadzone to 1
    • Brake Deadzone to 1
    • Brake Saturation to 5
  3. Go to Vibration & Force Feedback and set:
    • Vibration and Force Feedback to On
    • Vibration and Force Feedback Strength to 110
    • On Track Effects to 30
    • Rumble Strip Effects to 25
    • Off Track Effects to 25
    • Wheel Damper to 5
    • Understeer Enhance to On
Wheel Settings F1 2021

So, these are the best wheel settings that we suggest for F1 2021. If there is a setting that you don’t understand or would like us to elaborate on, let us know in the comments.

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