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Best PvP Weapons in New World

Best PvP Weapons in New World

New World includes incredible and best-class weapons systems. And there is a total of 11 weapons that players can use freely throughout the game. There are 4 different categories of weapons in this game – One-handed, two-handed, magical weapons, and ranged weapons. However, if we talk about PvP weapons, there are a few weapons available at the moment. Let’s know about the Best PvP Weapons in New World.

Which are the Best PvP Weapons in New World?

Before we know which are the best PvP Weapons in New World, let’s first check out types of PvP weapons.

Here are the details of Best New World PvP weapons and the Tier in which you can use them.

PvP WeaponsCan be used in Tier
Hatchet, Rapier, Ice Gauntlet, Life StaffS Tier
Great Axe, Fire Staff, Bow, Spear, Warhammer, One-Handed Sword & ShieldA Tier
MusketB Tier

As you have noticed, there are several different types of PvP weapons in New World and now, you must be wondering which are the best amongst all these? Let’s discuss the following.

Ice Gauntlet

According to use, the most outstanding weapon is the Ice Gauntlet as the abilities of defensive, Mana regeneration, and CC are very significant for PvP battles and the Ice Gauntlet weapon offers all of these features. Also, this is an influential weapon for 2-handed melee weapon players. You can use the Ice Shower on your enemy so that you can give it a maximum attack. Furthermore, Ice Gauntlet works excellently as it keeps enemies slowed and combines with the Warhammer’s Shockwave stun with enhanced defensive passives. 


Another best weapon we can recommend is the Hatchet weapon which is incredibly good for PvP once you get into the battle. Its Sprint Attacks skills are a proper gap closer that can take you on the top of an enemy. From that point, the Raging Torrent and Berserk combo can explode down any armor in New World.

A Combo of Great Axe and Hatchet

Another one of the best PvP Weapons in New World is the combo of Great Axe and Hatchet. This can also be a great selection especially for the melee players who want to deal huge damage in no time. 

Remarkably, the Great Axe weapon remains your primary weapon and Hatchet can be used mostly as a ranged weapon that can help you to deal maximum damage in some scenarios.  

One important point to note here is that all the PvP weapons are best suited to different circumstances and that also depends on different playstyles. So, we recommend that you try each of them and see how things go.

That’s it for this guide on Which are the Best PvP Weapons in New World.

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