Best Moveset for Chesnaught in Pokémon GO

 Best Moveset for Chesnaught in Pokémon GO

Pokemon trainers are excited and thrilled by the launching of Chespin, Quilladin, and Chesnaught; Chesnaught is basically a bipedal mammalian, grass-fighting type Pokemon and is the fully evolved form of Chespin. One of the first and most well-known augmented reality games is called Pokemon Go. When it originally gained popularity in 2016, everyone wanted to be a Pokemon master or trainer. People might be seen admiring and collecting Pokemon in parks and streets. The game generated excitement in the gaming world shortly after its release.

Pokemon Go is renowned for regularly upgrading its in-game strategies and providing its users with something fresh and unexpected. In this guide, we will enlighten the players about the Best Moveset for Chesnaught in Pokemon Go’s latest update. Let’s get started.

Best Chesnaught Moveset in Pokémon Go

So, to begin with, the guide, our main aim is to focus on the best Moveset for the Chesnaught to attack and make it one of the best Pokemon to go with while attacking. The ideal attacking moveset for Chesnaught comes with fast moves and charged moves; players should use the combo of both moves to make a fierce impact on enemy pokemon. Here is the combination that the players can use as the best moveset for Chesnaught.

Vine Whip is a fast grass-type attack that gives 5 damage in player-vs-environment mode and 7 damage in player-vs-player mode. If the move is used 17 times, then it generates 100 energy which is required in the next move, and that is Solar Beam.

Solar Beam is a grass-type Charged move; it gives 180 damage in player-vs-environment mode and 150 damage in player-vs-player mode.

Smack Down can also be considered as one of the options; it is a rock-type fast move, and it gives 16 damage in player-vs-environment mode and 12 damage in player-vs-player mode.

Vine Whip, Frenzy Plant, and Superpower can also be used in the combination, which will ultimately become A STAB and is one of the dangerous and handle with care type of move.

To conclude, the above guide can be followed to understand the movesets and also if you are looking for a deadly moveset for Chesnaught.

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