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Best Motherboard and Case for RTX 3060 and Core i5-12400/F

The RTX 3060 is the best-selling GPU Nvidia is selling this generation. It has already gathered a 3% market share according to Steam Hardware Survey results of June 2022. Along with this card, the Core i5-12400F is the best-selling Intel processor in the 12th gen lineup. This six-core and twelve-thread processor packs astounding single-core performance and beats some of the most popular options like the now-aging Ryzen 5 3600 and the Ryzen 5 5600X.

The RTX 3060 and the Core i5 12400F make for a wonderful combination to play some of the most popular games at 1080p. However, after you have finalized the processor and graphics card, the next step is to find the best motherboard and case to couple with these components.

With dozens of motherboards and cases available in the market, figuring out the best components for your build can be a bit intimidating. Thus, in this guide, we will help you figure out the best parts for your build.

Best motherboard for RTX 3060 and Core i5-12400/F

MSI MAG B660M Mortar WiFi

The best motherboard for the Core i5 12400/F is the MSI MAG B660M Mortar Wifi. This motherboard packs all the necessary features that one would require in a build. With streaks of black and white, this motherboard is color neutral. It looks great in both black and white builds.

MSI sells both a DDR4 version and a DDR5 version of this motherboard. The DDR4 version of the motherboard costs $160 and the DDR5 version comes in at $188.

The motherboard is PCIe Gen 4. It has a couple of PCIe x16 slots. One of the ports is Gen 4 and the other is Gen 3. The PCIe M.2 slots follow a similar pattern. One of the slots is Gen 4 and the other is Gen 3.

Best case for RTX 3060 and Core i5-12400/F

The Fractal Design Meshify C

The Core i5-12400/F is not a hot-running chip. However. the RTX 3060 requires some ventilation to stay cool. Keeping these needs in mind, the best case for the RTX 3060 and the Core i5-12400/F should be the Fractal Design Meshify C.

The Meshify C is among the highest airflow cases available on the market today. It packs a modernized design with ample radiator and cooling tower height support. Users can mount up to a 360mm cooler in the front, up to a 240mm radiator on the top, and a 120mm radiator in the rear. The case can house up to a 170mm air cooler.

The front I/O, however, is limited. The case is all USB 3. But, the front panel just consists of a couple of USB 3 ports, a hybrid audio jack, power, and a reset button.

The MSI MAG B660M Mortar motherboard and the Fractal Design Meshify C case will pair with the Core i5-12400/F processor and RTX 3060 graphics card pretty fine. This motherboard and case will help the components max out their performance.

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