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Best Mods for Halo Infinite on PC

Best Mods for Halo Infinite on PC

Halo Infinite, the first-person shooter game, and the 6th mainline entry in the Halo series are finally out on 08th December and it looks like Halo mods are getting crazier. Halo series is one of the long-running games and this reputation has resulted in many fan-made mods over the years. While some developers manipulate the game systems, but franchise developers have truly encouraged the fans’ modding community by executing special mods. Let’s find out in this guide what the best mods are for Halo Infinite on PC.

What are the Best Mods for Halo Infinite on PC?

So far, players don’t have much to pick in Halo Infinite mods as the game has not released its official mod support and so the developers are still wondering how to make their mods.

Since multiplayer is free-to-play and battle pass and cash store have been included, we do not expect 343 Industries to release supporting mods in any of the campaign or multiplayer mods.

In any case, why a player would spend $20 on the armor and the red color when a mod can add them easily at free of cost?

According to NexusMods, nearly all Halo Infinite mods available now are simple replacements for the game’s videos and loading screens. Most of the players, don’t have much time and effort to acquire these. On the other hand, by using one useful mode, players can easily skip the introduction videos which is very convenient.

RejectedShotgun is one of the YouTube users who has uploaded a video in which he was able to fly the Phantom and Pelican. However, the instructions and downloads are not available.

We don’t expect the Hallo Infinite mod community to be active particularly. The content created by users for this game is not supported at all by the developers are there are no financial incentives for them to do so. Also learn, how to unlock fast travel in Halo Infinite.

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