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Best F1 2021 Settings for Graphics, HUD, Audio, and Camera


F1 2021 can be a bit technical at times, especially when it comes to deciding the best settings for the game. While the default setting of the game does a great job, it may not be optimal for all players. When you want to win each and every match you play you need an edge over others, tune the game to your strengths and preference. F1 2021 like all the previous titles allows you to tweak a lot of settings that affect the gameplay directly. Here are the best F1 2021 settings for Graphics, HUD, Audio, and Camera.

Best F1 2021 Settings for Wheel, Graphics, HUD, Audio, and Camera

F1 2021 Best Settings for Graphics, HUD, Audio, and Camera

Besides the settings change that affects the gameplay, you can also choose to change the keybindings. But, don’t go overboard with it and change everything. For me, the default settings do a pretty decent job. Here the various settings we suggest.

For the Wheel Settings, you can refer to the linked guide.    

Best F1 2021 Graphics Settings

Here are some settings we suggest you change in the Graphics settings of the game.

  • Gamma Adjustment – 110
  • Motion Blur Strength – 0 (If you have a great GPU, set it to 5. 0 is good for performance of the GPU)

Video Mode

  • Resolution – 1920 X 1080 or Native
  • Display Mode – Fullscreen
  • Sync – Off (if the game stutters, put this on)
  • Refresh Rate – Max Supported by Monitor
  • Frame Rate Limit – Off (If there is performance problems, limit the frame rate. Test to find the best value)
  • Anti-Aliasing – TAA and FidelityFX Sharpening
Video Mode Settings F1 2021


  • Lighting Quality – Medium
  • Particles – Off
  • Texture Streaming – Medium

These are the best graphics settings that have the most impact on the game. Besides the ones mentioned, you can leave the rest at default.

Best F1 2021 HUD Settings

For the HUD settings or the On-Screen Display, here are our suggestions. HUD is quite important as certain things can be distracting when you play.

  • Track Map – Full Track Map
  • Delta Time – On
  • Proximity Arrows – On
  • Virtual Rea View Mirror – Off (as it can be distracting. Depends of your preference)
  • Permanent Session Timer (P/Q) – On
Best HUD Settings F1 2021

Best F1 2021 Audio Settings

Here are the best audio settings for F1 2021. With this new title, there are some changes to the audio features of the game such as Engineer Ducking. Most of the audio settings are a personal preference but watch for Audio Simulation Quality. Don’t put it too high or it may reduce the performance of the CPU and affect the gameplay.

If your CPU barely meets the system requirements, it best to put Audio Simulation Quality to low.   

Audio Settings F1 2021

Best F1 2021 Camera Settings

So, finally, the best F1 2021 camera settings. For this head to the Camera Customization from the Menu. There are the settings you need to change.

  • Field of View – (-10)
  • Camera Shake – 0
  • Camera Movement – 0
Best Camera Setings F1 2021

That’s all we have in this guide on Best F1 2021 Settings for Graphics, HUD, Audio, and Camera. Check out the game category for more.

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