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Best Controllers for Playing Xbox

The Xbox Series X and Series S did not improvise on the controllers over the last-gen. Thus, players can easily get bored of the same design that was introduced way back in 2013. However, there are a bunch of third-party alternatives that add desirable elements to the already successful design. This makes these new controllers more attractive compared to the standard design. However, most of these offerings do not try to invent any spectacular changes to the proven Xbox controller format. This is completely acceptable because a drastic change would shift the experience from how the developers designed it to be.

1. Best on a Budget: PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

Price: $30

If you are on a budget, look no further than the PowerA Enhanced Wired controller. Probably the worst part about this controller is that it is “wired”. But, it is extremely well-designed and does not feel well-built despite the $30 tag. PowerA also has multiple color options for this controller. Although the options are not as wide as the Xbox Design Lab, you will have a bunch of choices.

2. An Elite Option: Scuf Instinct Pro

Price: $199.99+

At the high-end, the Scuf Instinct Pro is an amazing entry. The controller is the only wireless third-party entry in the market. A customized Scuf Instinct Pro costs more than a Series S, and it delivers. The Scuf Instinct Pro has been built for long gaming hours and it does beat the Elite Series controllers on several grounds. If you are in for the best in the market and do not care about the price it comes at, drive an Instinct Pro home today!

3. Best Customization Options: Nacon Revolution X

Price: $99.99+

If you are into customizing your controller, the Nacon Revolution X is your best bet. This controller has been built for people who want to tinker with every setting and fine-tune the experience to their liking. Priced at $100, this controller also does not feel extremely overpriced, especially considering the other entries on this list.

The Nacon Revolution X, however, might look very strange and cheap at the first glance. But, the best part of this controller is not the looks. The analog thumbstick and the instance customization through RIG’s software sets this controller apart from the mass.

4. Best No-Brainer Recommendation: Xbox Wireless Controller

Price: $59.99+

The Xbox Wireless Controller is easily one of the easiest gamepads to play Xbox with. Everything from its top-notch build quality and high-quality motors is impressive. Xbox has improved the quality of buttons and integrated a new Share button with the new model of the controller, which makes it an even better choice. At just $60, the Xbox Wireless Controller is one of the best gamepads available on the market today.

5. Best Premium Controller: Xbox Elite Series 2

Price: $180+

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is one of the most ambitious controllers to be ever made. At the very high end, this expensive gamepad innovates a lot to uplift the gaming experience. The build quality, finish, and grip is the best you can get from a controller. But, the main highlight of this controller is the hair-trigger locks and rear paddle buttons. These new features alleviate the first-person shooter experience.

But, the extra features come at a hefty premium of $180. Extra customization can push the price even higher. Although this is a wonderful controller, we do not think you are getting value for the price.

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