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Best Assault Rifles Tier List in Warzone 2

Best Assault Rifles Tier List in Wazone 2

Warzone 2 has finally arrived. After months of anticipation, Activision’s newest Call of Duty game has arrived. It’s similar to the prequel in many ways – namely boasting a huge collection of assault rifles, but filled with plenty of new content and features. With Warzone 2, you need to have weapons that can counter the toughest defenses of enemies – but selecting between all these different guns can be challenging.

Call of Duty games often feature assault rifles, and Infinity Ward understands how important these weapons are. Players in Warzone 2 have the option of choosing from powerful assault rifles in order to create their in-game loadouts. 

Continue reading further to know the best assault rifles tier list in Warzone 2.

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Best Assault Rifle Tier List

In Call of Duty: Warzone 2, several different assault rifles are available for players. Here is the full tier list ranking these assault rifles according to strength – Tier S being the most powerful and Tier D being the weakest.

S-TierThis tier of weapons comprises the most popular weapon choices for competitive players. These guns are tried and true, boasting power unlike any other.TAQ-56
STB 556
Kastov 74U
A-TierThese guns are close to being in the S tier, but they still lack some qualities, and when it comes down to fighting two people of equal skill, they will lose out.Kastov 762
M13 B
B-TierThe mid-tier weapons may be found here. They’re still usable, but you’ll need the correct attachments for them to stand a chance against higher-level weapons.Chimera
C-TierThis is the point at which weapons begin to lose their use. Attachments can assist with this but are largely for visual or personal preference reasons. Some players pull off some great techniques with them and absolutely win occasionally, but it is advised to utilize them sparingly because they will lose a lot of bouts if you rely primarily on them.Kastov 545
D-TierThese weapons should only be utilized if you have an attachment and know how to use them properly; otherwise, possessing one is pointless.M16

This concludes our guide on the best assault rifle tier list in Warzone 2. Also, check our other guides for more updates on the game. 

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