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Battlefield 2042 – How to Unlock All Vehicles in BF2042

Battlefield 2041 How to Unlock Vehicles

Battlefield 2042 is one of the most anticipated games of 2021. It is scheduled to be released on 19th November 2021. Battlefield 2042 is introducing more than 14 Vehicles. Some of these vehicles are available in Warfare and Hazard Zone modes and others are the exclusive vehicles available in Battlefield Portal. Some of these vehicles are available from the very beginning of the game, and some of them need to be unlocked as you made progress and level up.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to unlock all the vehicles in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 All the Vehicles- How to Unlock

Most of the Battlefield 2042 vehicles are easily accessible, they don’t have any criteria to unlock them. These vehicles are divided into three categories- Personal, US, and RU. The vehicles from Personal Category need you to level up to unlock them. The remaining two categories (US and RU) of vehicles are available from the very beginning of the game.

Below, we’ll list down the names under each category and the level you need to unlock them-

Category 1- Personal Vehicles

In this category, you’ll get 6 types of vehicles to range from Pre- Unlocked level to level 60. These are some of the most useful and popular vehicles of the game.

LATV4 Recon– Pre-Unlocked

LCAA Hovercraft– Level 6

EBAA Wildcat- Level 10

MD540 Nightbird- Level 20

MAV- Level 34

M5C BOLTE– Level 50

US Vehicles

These vehicles range from surface vehicles to aircraft and all are available from the very beginning you launch the game. You don’t need any levels to access them.

M1A5 Tank– Pre-Unlocked

AH-64GX Apache Warchief Helicopter- Pre-Unlocked

MV-38 Condor Aircraft- Pre-Unlocked

F-35E Panther Aircraft- Pre-Unlocked

RU Vehicles

These vehicles include mostly aircraft. Four types of vehicles are available in this category.

  • T28 Tank- Pre-Unlocked
  • KA-520 Super Hokum Helicopter (Attack)- Pre-Unlocked
  • MI-240 Super Hind Helicopter (Attack)- Pre-Unlocked
  • SU-57 Felon Aircraft (Fighter)- Pre-Unlocked

It is pretty easy to unlock various vehicles in Battlefield 2042. Though most of the vehicles are Pre-Unlocked, some vehicles are there that you need to unlock. If you also want to know about the unlocking process of all the vehicles available in Battlefield 2042, check out our guide.

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