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Battlefield 2042 Dev Addresses Aim Assist Concerns by Console Players after 3.1 Patch

Battlefield 2042 Dev Addresses Aim Assist Concerns by Console Players after 3

It’s been a couple of weeks since its release, but DICE is still working on fixing bugs in Battlefield 2042.

Like most FPS, this award-winning battle royal game has its share of buggy gameplay that players have started to notice.

Luckily, one of the lead developers in DICE has heard the concerns regarding controller aim assist for console, and has mentioned the 3.1 Patch update.

Some of the adjustments that were made were to enable load-outs that didn’t work for some players, a steady constant aim assist, and specialist balances.  

Lead game developer Florian “DRUNKKZ3’ Le Bihan did admit that players might have felt that the 3.1 patch update did nothing for them because the improvements were small.

Players are looking for more noticeable changes soon, especially when it comes to its “nonexistent” controller assist. Though the studio has acknowledged it and has tried to implement as much change as possible, players were not buying it.

Players were expecting more from the update rather than a one-liner for aim assist, stating that it was made more consistent. But fans have not lost hope yet, and are confident that there will be some developments on the gameplay in the near future.

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