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Battlefield 2042 AI Bots Will Be Really Tough to Beat – Developer Says

Battlefield 2042 AI Bots Will Really Be Tough to Beat – Developer Says

When the game Battlefield 2042 was first announced, fans of the FPS series cheered. Its open Beta version will be out in September and its full version on 22nd October this year. This massive game brings Battlefield back to the roots and the developer, DICE has used special tactics, the chaos, dynamic weather, weaponized tornadoes, verticality freedom, and much more while designing this game. 

But, DICE wanted to take this game to the next level and so, they are going to introduce AI bots and it won’t turn off and so they will make sure the servers remain full consistently. Since this news came out, fans are wondering about the role of AI bots in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 AI Bots Will Really Be Tough to Beat – Developer Says

DICE has already confirmed that there will be about 64 AI bots featured in this game. It is important to know that AI doesn’t mean that this game is playable in an offline mode. Players will surely need the internet to access it. However, DICE has also confirmed that AI Bots will be really tough to beat for the players and so they have suggested playing this game with your friends.

In a talk with Justin Wiebte, who is a co-developer of the game and design director of Ripple Effect Studios, he said that players will have a really hard time beating the AI bots apart from the real players.

He added, that the studio has put a lot of effort into the AI bots in Battlefield 2042 and the developer has designed it with codes so that it can act and play just like other normal human players. AI bots do not only react to the game movements and other actions but they also have a mind and they are very smart.

However, still, everything is on paper and we need to wait for the beta to see how things really appear. The full version of Battlefield 2042 will release on October 22, 2021, for PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5.

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