Back 4 Blood – How to Get New Cards to Create Amazing Deck

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

In the game of Back 4 Blood, Cards play a very significant role. The ‘roguelike’ card system allows players to create different experiences every time. They can control to build custom decks, undertake more challenging battles, and roll different types of builds. Thus, players always want to get New Cards to build an amazing deck in this game. Since devs have not given sufficient information on the gameplay, here we provide you all the details on how to get new cards to create Amazing Deck in Back 4 Blood.

How to Get New Cards to Create an Amazing Deck in Back 4 Blood

There are several options to collect cards in Back 4 Blood, but we have found only one method so far in the open beta version. In order to get new and permanent cards in Back 4 Blood, first of all, you’ll need to unlock them using the Supply Lines menu by paying for supplies. 

Back 4 Blood - How to Get New Cards to Create Amazing Deck

However, there is also another method to get temporary cards that last only for 1 run. This game generates randomly folders on each map which allows each gamer on a team to draw 1 card. And there are 2 different types of folders you can access to. One allows users to draw one of the cards in their random deck, and the other allows you to pull from all the possible cards.

Unfortunately, since the game is still running in the beta version, there is no any way to build a deck. Even if you have sufficient cards, you won’t be able to create any deck. However, there will be several options to create a deck once the final version of this game will be released.

We will surely update you about the other options to create Amazing Deck as soon as we have something to share.

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