Atomic Heart – How to Defeat Dewdrop Boss Fight

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Atomic Heart is what happens when Bioshock is reincarnated in a Soviet realm with greater visuals and better weapons and more powers and lot more (oh, and no sprinting). That being said, this game presents the gamers with its own set of formidable bosses, that will definitely make you take a beating before beating them (Get it? No? Okay). With that being said, one of those is Dewdrop. And we are going to break down the fight against Dewdrop completely.

How to Beat Dewdrop in Atomic Heart

What is Dewdrop? According to Charles–the coy AI companion, ‘Dewdrop is an advanced hydraulic pump that represents the latest in the field of biomechanics.’ In the Lore sections, it is described as a “Organic” enemy. Its “intended” application is in mining operations, where it employs its massive laser to drill precisely straight holes. The laser, it turns out, is also capable of drilling precisely straight holes through Agent P-3. 

Stats of Dewdrop

Dewdrop is immune to some kinds of damage, but not all. The Dewdrop is resistant to the following kinds of harm when scanned with the scanner: Energy Weapons, Explosive weapons, Frost, Fire, and Electricity.

Dewdrop also has a massive amount of HP. The majority of its outer shell and all of its tentacle like limbs are completely impervious to harm. Dewdrop does, however, have one flaw: its laser eye. 

Dewdrop is susceptible to harm whenever it raises its eye shield. It does this whenever it strikes or is stunned, as well as periodically while moving. Because Dewdrop moves so quickly, its eye cover spends more time exposed than closed.

Vulnerabilities and Weapons to use Against Dewdrop

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Dewdrop isn’t prone to anything, but he is susceptible to two things: standard guns and melee weapons. There are also some helpful skills to bring with you that will make this battle easier. 

If you want to have a fair fight with increased probability of winning, I suggest you to bring these to the fight with the mentioned upgrades:

Zvezdochka: Increased damage, reduced special attack charge cost, and added the Reverse Shot charge attack. 

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Mass Telekinesis enhanced with Increased Impact and Neuro-Polymer Accelerator

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Condensed Milk: The increased damage from this will help beat Dewdrop’s huge HP bar.

How to Defeat Dewdrop in Atomic Heart

The first thing that you need to know about Dewdrop is that it is not your nice cliched villain from TV shows and movies. There are no long speeches, no proposals, no glitches, no waiting times. Once it emerges from the whale, it will start attacking you. And it will keep doing so as long as you are alive.

Dewdrop emerges from the whale almost fully enclosed in its exoskeleton, like a gigantic, newborn xenomorph. It’s extremely durable.  It will strike by slamming its legs at you or leaping and sliding over. It also shoots its laser from all angles by rapidly rolling around the circumference. 

Keep in mind that the aiming laser Dewdrop employs before firing does not show where the laser will travel. It will shoot straight at you at the moment of firing. The only way to escape it is to sidestep perfectly.

When Dewdrop reaches about 60% strength, it transforms into an abomination and enters its second phase. Attacks become more difficult during this period, but Dewdrop becomes simpler to hit. The Polymer goo inside develops appendages from its exoskeleton, which it uses to assault. The black coloured gooey tentacles that you see, sprouting out from its body are susceptible to weapon attack unlike the tentacles it had earlier. 

Dewdrop will try to leap on you and slam you. It still uses its laser, but now it can also choose to discharge rapid-fire pellets of goo that cause substantial damage. Dewdrop’s most lethal move is when he wriggles his two largest limbs to either side of P-3 to establish a kill zone.

You must remain within this zone while avoiding lasers or globs of slime. Fortunately, this action can be stopped with Collective Telekinesis. Simply replicate the attack routine from step one a few more times, and Dewdrop will be permanently lowered in no time.

Final Tips for Defeating Dewdrop in Atomic Heart:

Consume a Condensed Milk while dancing between laser bursts to increase damage production. Then charge in with Collective Telekinesis. It only requires one press of the button to begin and another to stop.

Use the Zvezdochka’s charge strike while Dewdrop is hanging in the air. When you press the trigger, the two saw blades will shoot out and swing back and forth across Dewdrop. This should completely deplete its vitality and send it into the second phase.

That being said, this is a battle of attrition that involves repeating the same algorithm over and over again-wait for laser attack, dodge, shoot eyeball and then melee. And in second phase, you have to dodge a bit more. Happy hunting!

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