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Apex Legends Region Lock Might be Coming Soon to Tackle Server Issues

Apex Legends Region Lock Might be Coming Soon to Tackle Server Issues

Respawn has recently stated that they will be placing a Region Lock to ranked play in Apex Legends. Players have confronted the developers about server instability and high-ping players in the past, and now, in a series of tweets, Respawn has stated that a region lock is an answer to this.

Getting up the ranks in Apex Legends has always been an issue, especially the higher up the player goes. In regards to that, Respawn has stated that they have already tried to test out a soft region lock for the Master and Predator ranks.

Respawn has also noted that while players are fleeing their server to play in other, less competitive ones, fans of the FPS shouldn’t worry about it much now once the region lock has been placed. This would also tackle the issue of having high ping players, as they will be forced to enter into the closest server.

While many players are hopeful about the future gameplay in Apex Legends, some are still concerned about cheaters lurking in smaller servers. Respawn has not spoken about the hackers and cheaters, but they have assured fans that they are continuously working on improving the gameplay experience for the players and they can expect some changes in the game in the coming months.

There is no mention of a fixed date for the implementation of the region lock, but fans can rest assured that it is happening very soon.

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