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How to Check Ping in Apex Legends in Game and Change Server

How to Check Ping in Apex Legends in Game and Change Server

Like all multiplayer games, Ping plays a very important role even in the Apex Legends. When you play live games, Ping helps players understand how quickly the PC is communicating with the gaming server. In massive games like Apex Legends, a Ping check can help a gamer determine if he will experience any dips in responsiveness while playing the game. A Ping can cause FPS drops and lagging issues and such issues can be resolved if you will play on the correct server. However, unlike other games, checking Ping and Changing server is not that easy and so we have brought one of the best guides here. So, let’s learn here about the Apex Legends gaming Ping test and will also learn how to change server in PC and Xbox One, and PS4.

How to Check Ping in Apex Legends in Game and Change Server

Apex Legends is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 so let’s find out how to show Ping in Apex Legends game and how to change servers.

Check Ping on PC and Change Server

Go through the following steps in order to check Ping on your PC.

1. First of all, you will need to launch the game

2. Once it loads and when you see the main screen, don’t do anything for at least 90 seconds and do not even press the continue button

3. After 90 seconds, press ‘Esc’

4. You will see an exit window but don’t exit and select ‘Cancel’ instead

5. Once canceled, you will see a new button Data Center. You need to click on it and you will see a list of all available data centers along with Ping.

6. Now here you will need to select the data center with the lowest ping numbers and select it.

Check Ping on PS4 and Xbox One and Change Data Center

Following are the steps to check the Ping on PS4 and Xbox One:

1. Start Apex Legends game on your console

2. Wait for sometimes like for 2 minutes and do not click on ‘Continue’

3. After 2 minutes, go to navigate to the Accessibility menu and then exit again

4. If you are on Xbox One console, now you will need to press the Right stick and the Data Center menu will be popped up. And on PS4, you will need to press the R3 button and the menu will be displayed.

That’s it for this guide on How to check Ping in Apex Legends in Game and Change Server.

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