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All Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Challenges and Rewards

All Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Challenges and Rewards

The Secrets of the Pacific limited-time event is live now in Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard and will run until 7th December. In this new event, you will be taken back into Verdansk and you need to interact with 6 different objects hidden throughout the map. Of course, it contains several in-game rewards and a picture of Caldera’s points of interest. But these locations are tricky ones and so in this guide, we have covered all Secrets of the Pacific Challenges and Rewards in Warzone.

All 6 Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Challenges and Rewards

As we have just mentioned, there are a total of 6 challenges and unlockable rewards in Secretes of the Pacific. But make sure to complete all of the following challenges in the battle royale mode. Also, it is important to note that you are not able to take more than one challenge at a time but you need to play a minimum of 6 matches. In each of these challenges, you need to go to a particular location to pick up an intel piece.

Challenge no. 1: Jailbreak 

To complete this challenge, go to Prison and from there, go to the showers at the bottom of the stairs. Once you reach there, go to the Southside of the room and there you will find a bench and unlock Marina Street Calling Card reward.

Challenge no. 2: On the Air

Go to the Verdansk Train Station and there you will find an electronic store opposite the station. Go inside the store and make your way to the main product room. There you will see many televisions along with several electronic goods. At the far, you will find a standing microphone, interact with it and unlock the Local Radio Emblem reward.

Challenge no. 3: Fast Food

Make your way to the Airport and go to the area where you will find different shops. Climb up to its second floor and go inside the fast-food restaurant on the west side of the building. Interact with an old-school cash machine on the counter and unlock the Volcanic Souvenir Legendary Charm award.

Challenge no. 4: On Your Feet

This is pretty easy to collect. Go to the hospital and take the main road. There you will find a ground-level door, head into it, and on your right, go into the operating room and find a small blue box. Interact with it and unlock the Legendary Charm reward. 

Challenge no. 5: Abandoned

To find out this interactable, get into the old mine on the western border and keep going until you reach an open location filled with several wooden boxes. Next to a wooden box, you will find an intractable.

Challenge no. 6: Secrets

This final interactable you can find in any of the three World War 2 bunkers: Near Boneyard, the west side of the airport, or northeast of Array. Once you are in the bunker, search for tables and desks spread across the area. 

That’s it for this guide on all Warzone Secrets of the Pacific challenges and rewards.

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