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All Hacks in Hyper Scape – How to Use

All Hyper Scape Hacks

Hyper Scape is the new Battle Royal title from Ubisoft. The game is phenomenal and unlike any other Battle Royale we have played so far. As you get accustomed to the game, you will realize that so many things in the game are somewhat like other games, but still a district from other games. One of them features of the game that sets it apart from others is Hacks. Besides the weapons in the game, Hacks play a crucial role. And there is a long list of Hacks you can find in Hyper Scape. So far in the technical debug beta, the developers have shared 9 playable Hacks. But, as the game releases and matures we can expect more. Knowing the Hacks and mastering them will help you dominate the game. Hence, here are all Hyper Scape Hacks and how you can use them effectively.

All Hyper Scape Hacks

Here are all the abilities you can enable in the game so far. Each Hack or ability has a set duration you can keep it activated after which it goes into cooldown. So, use them wisely. Once the cooldown completes, you can use the ability again.     

  1. Armor – As you might assume, the armor protects you against enemy fire, but it also incapacitates you to fire, meaning while the armor is activated, you cannot eliminate enemies. While the armor is active, you cannot use any other ability in the game. That’s a bummer, but effective when you need to get out of stiff situations fast.
  2. Ball – The Ball Hack turns you into a ball. As long as you stay as a ball, the enemies won’t be able to eliminate you, but the ball can be damaged by persistent attack. As an area starts to decay, you can use the ball to get out of the situation or explore the decaying area a bit longer.
  3. Slam – The Slam allows you to jump high and slam down fast. You can also use this ability to stay afloat just for enough to shoot down enemies with a vantage point.  
  4. Invisibility – For a limited amount of time, turn yourself invisible to other contenders. It’s similar to cloaking in some other games. Even when you are invisible, if shot your invisibility will be broken and you can become exposed. Other contenders get audio cue when an invisible player is around. So, use this hack wisely and you will be undefeatable.   
  5. Teleport – Select any location on the map and instantly appear on that location. If a teammate has turned into Echo, you can instantly travel to the Restore point and initiate the process to bring them back. Only your imagination limits how you can use the Teleport Hack.  
  6. Wall – You can build walls instantly to provide cover. It can be deployed while you are on air so when you land you have a cover. Another great Hack you can use when in combat.
  7. Heal – As you would have guessed, the Heal Hack allows you to heal yourself and your teammates if they are in a set radius. This Hyper Scape Hack will allow you to stay longer in the game and hopefully long enough to take the winners’ cup.
  8. Mine – Activate a homing explosive mine that seeks opponents when they get in its area. The mine will zero on the opponents and detonate.
  9. Reveal – The reveal ability helps you avoid surprises in the game. You can send a signal that would reveal any enemies it passes through as red dots.

Hacks in Hyper Scape are crucial. You cannot survive without them. So, as you jump in the game, start looking for hacks. Luminescent buildings are a good place to find weapons and hacks. By now, you know all hacks in Hyper Scape, so use them and win.   

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