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All Errors in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

All Errors in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Square Enix is also the development studio behind Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, besides this year’s most anticipated game the Marvel’s Avengers. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a series of video games starting with the first game in 2003. One of the most popular title on Switch, the game has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Although the experience in the game is mostly smooth, there is some errors that appear every now and then. Stick around and in this guide, we will list all the errors in Final Fantasy Crustal Chronicles and the brief reason behind them.

Error CodeDescription
0Server Disruption
-1Communications Error / Network Disruption
1Communications Error / Network Disruption
4Error due to bug
21Entered an expired quest
25Communications Error
401Communications Error/Login Failure
404Page Do Not Exist
500Unexpected Occurrence
501/502Communications Error
503/504Communications Error (Congestion/Maintenance)
819Communications Error (Com Protocol)
2201Communications Error, Overuse of Data
1000Communications Error (wifi / 4G)

Besides the above mentioned error codes, there are scheduled maintenance that can keep you from the game. We hope this guide was of help.  

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