All Biomes in Dinkum

How to Farm Crocos in Dinkum

Dinkum is a farming game with different soil that have a variety of items spawning on them. This guide will take you through the list of all biomes in Dinkum.

List of All Biomes in Dinkum

When you open the map in Dinkum, you will notice that the island is divided into different colors. These are the biomes in the game. The map is also divided by climate, with the center of the map being a neutral climate. It is warmer in the north and colder in the south.

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Tropical Biome

This is the light green part of the map, usually found in the northern side. You will get palm trees and ferns here, as well as banana plants. The animals that you find here involve Turkeys and Wary Mus. Be careful while traversing this region as the Wary Mu will attack you on sight. If you do manage to kill it or trap it, it will fetch you a good price.

Bushland Biome

The bushlands are the most common biome in the game, characterized by their mossy green color. You will be able to find Roos here that you can kill for meat, as well as Diggos. The Diggos will not attack you unless attacked first, but they will try and kill the Roos. You can also find Bush Limes here which serve as your first possible food in the game.

Desert Biome

The desert is red in color, and sandy close to the coast. You will be able to find Cactus Figs here which are great for replenishing energy. Echidnas roam this place, but like Diggos, they will not attack you unless you hit them first.

Pine Forest Biome

This region is in the southwest or western part of the map, and is dark green in color. You will find hardwood, apples and bottle brush plants here. This is known as the most dangerous area on the surface map of Dinkum as you will get a lot of Bush Devils here. These are vicious creatures that bite and shoot balls of fire, but they’re worth a lot when trapped. You can also kill them to get crafting materials for the Flaming Bat.

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