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A Guide to New Maps, Modes: COD Mobile Season 4

A Guide to New Maps, Modes COD Mobile Season 4

Activision has revealed the specifics of the forthcoming Call of Duty Mobile season. The new COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs was introduced on April 27th. With the new season come new ranks, a new battle pass, maps, tournament types, balancing tweaks, and more.

COD Mobile Season 4 adds a slew of new in-game features such as four new operators, a slew of weapon designs, new weapons, and more. Here is all the information for COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs.

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New Maps in COD Mobile Season 4

Here are the two new maps that have been launched with the release of COD Mobile Season 4.


A satellite has crashed into the desert, and many people have gathered to battle over the wreckage. Satellite, the new map, is currently playable. Players may confront hiding foes in the wreckage’s tunnels and snipers behind dunes. Prepare to battle in this perilous desert in order to rescue the falling satellite debris. 

Khandor Hideout

Khandor Hideout, a new map for gamers to explore, is now available. The once-peaceful community has now been transformed into a deadly military position. Players should be prepared for fierce fighting whether they are in the laboratory, garages, or residential structures. The map’s centre laboratory will be a strategic control point worth defending for a tactical benefit.

So here are some multiplayer upgrades for COD Mobile Season 4 2022, including two new maps: Satellite and Khandor Hideout. So, if you haven’t already, go play now.

New Modes in COD Mobile Season 4

The following are some of the new modes added in COD Mobile Season 4.

Ground War

COD Mobile Season 4 will see the debut of the new 12v12 Ground War gameplay. Prepare to enter huge maps with more people, vehicles, and control points. Be aware that the early phases of this might result in some overcrowded lobbies, so consult our guidance if the COD Mobile servers go down.

Sandstorm’s Eye

Sandstorm’s Eye Battle Royale is also introduced in Season 4. Desert crates and rare goodies occur anywhere a sandstorm strikes in the new game mode. Sandstorms will happen at random in the desert city in Season 4’s BR. When entering sandstorm areas to loot valuables, keep a close eye on your feet since a mini-tornado may develop and whisk you away.

Tournament Mode

Season 4 marks the official debut of the exciting new Tournament Mode. Players may now enter a new competitive mode, similar to Ranked Series, that lasts two seasons and includes a broad range of additional awards.

The new season began on April 27th, 2022, followed by the battle pass season on April 28th, 2022. We hope you are playing Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 2022. 

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