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5 Tips to Outsmart the Imposter in Among Us

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At times, playing as a crewmate in Among Us can be chilling. Not knowing who the imposter is can have you looking over your shoulders preventing you from performing tasks. So, you must be wondering is there any way to outsmart the Imposter in Among Us. Stick around and we will share 5 tips that will not just keep you from being murdered but also detect the Imposter.

5 Tips to Outsmart the Imposter in Among Us

While not getting killed and completing tasks should be your objective, you also need to stay clear of being a suspect or you may to thrown out in space, which will inevitably kill you. So, here are the tips to stay ahead in the game.

1. Head to the Amin Room

One of the best ways to watch all the players in the game is through the security cameras in the Amin Room. From the room, you can watch the detailed map of the entire ship with the location of each player. Stick around in the admin room and you may catch the imposter in the act or see something suspicious that can be used to out the imposter during vote.

2. Perform Tasks in Pairs

Staying in pairs is easily the most effective strategy in dealing with an imposter. An imposter cannot kill two crewmates successively without revealing themselves. So, if you stick with another player, it will be very difficult for the imposter to kill one player without revealing themselves. But, remember not to wonder off.

3. Keep an Eye on the Vents

There are quite a few distinction between a crewmate and an imposter. Only crewmates can complete tasks, whereas, only imposters can travel through the vent. Watch the vents, if you see a player around the vent, either coming out or jumping in, you have your imposter.

4. Perform Visual Tasks

There are certain tasks in the game that are watchable after the task has been completed, meaning other crewmembers can watch you as you perform the task. As imposters cannot perform tasks, it’s a great way to assure other players that you are not an imposter. When you get the opportunity, watch other players perform tasks and complete the tasks yourself as well.

Here are all tasks and maps that allows you to verify yourself and others.


Empty GarbageO2 and Cafeteria
Submit ScanMedbay
Prime ShieldsShields
Clear AsteroidsWeapons

Mira HQ

Submit ScanMedbay


Submit ScanMedbay / Laboratory
Clear AsteroidsWeapons

5. Complete the Tasks Quickly

The final tip is to complete the tasks quickly. As the imposter has plenty of opportunities to kill you when your team is performing tasks, completing them quickly can keep you from getting killed.

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