5 Best Browsers on Apple macOS Devices

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There are dozens of browsers to choose from. However, finalizing one over the other requires the software to match some select criteria. The list includes browsing speed, overall experience and ease of surfing.

Considering all of these requirements and the Apple macOS environment, we have listed the best browsers users can choose from below.

The best browsers on Apple Macs

1. Google Chrome

The Google Chrome logo (Image credit: Apple)

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser out there. This browser is available on all major platforms, including Apple macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and more. Chrome packs a minimalist UI coupled with universal support for most browsers and web extensions.

2. Safari

The Apple Safari browser logo (Image credit: Apple)

Safari is one of the most popular browsers available. However, it is exclusive to Apple devices. Apple has upgraded the UI of this legacy browser to suit 2022 standards. Safari allows for a seamless web surfing experience on all Apple devices, including iMacs, Macbooks, Mac Pros, and even iPads and iPhones.

3. Brave

The Brave logo (Image via Brave)

Brave is known for its secure and ad-free experience. It is also incredibly light on the operating system. This browser is available for free on Apple Mac devices. Users who are looking for more security features and want an all-out ad-free experience can give Brave a try.

4. Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox logo (Image via Mozilla)

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers to have ever existed. Coupled with rapid modernization, Firefox now has a few competitive advantages over browsers like Chrome and Safari. Also, unlike most available browsers, Firefox is not based on Chromium. It runs on the Quantum browser engine built specifically for Firefox.

Users who are tired of their day-to-day browser can give Firefox a shot.

5. Opera

The Opera logo (Image via Google Play)

Alongside Firefox and Chrome, Opera is one of the most popular browsers ever. Opera is based on Chromium, like Chrome. Thus, this browser has an almost same list of pros and cons like Google. However, Opera has a few key features that makes the web surfing experience far more convenient and faster.

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