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42% Users Vote Call of Duty Vanguard TTK Too Fast

50% Users Vote Call of Duty Vanguard TTK Too Fast

Call of Duty Vanguard has had one of the best launches if you keep aside some minor bugs and errors in the game. An issue that emerged with the game is the TTK being too fast. A vote taken by MW2 OG on Twitter shows that nearly 42% of the people who participated in the voting think the TTK is too fast. The time-to-kill between the last title and Vanguard is quite different and that causes problems for players. Some players find themselves getting shot every time they an open area.

The fast TTK in the game has given rise to a lot of problems for players particularly the headshots. It takes no more than a shot to kill another player and the one on the receiving end has no time to react. So, if you were hit from the back, you wouldn’t even know what to do before going down. Also, spawn campers are rampant with the current TTK.

While the TTK may seem like a problem, there is also a majority of players near 38% according to the voters who think that the TTK is fine as it is. So, the question that may arise in your mind is if the devs will nerf the time-to-kill.

From what it appears now, it seems unlikely as a large number of users are fine with the TTK, but as more users experience the game and form their conclusion and report to the devs, SH Games may nerf the TTK.

Most of the players who have an issue with the TTK have a problem with the headshots. The headshots are too powerful and take a player out too quickly for them to react. Another issue with the TTK is when it’s combined with a powerful weapon the death can seem almost instantaneous.    

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