20 Minutes Till Dawn

20 Minutes Till Dawn – New Update, Endless Mode Coming Soon

20 Minutes Till Dawn - New Update, Endless Mode Coming Soon

20 Minutes Till Dawn is out with a new update this weekend which includes a smattering of new content and balance changes. In the beta version of the game, endless mode is being tested out, which means that it is soon coming to the game. The update also smooths out some bug fixes. Let’s check out what’s new in the survival shooter game.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Beta Branch – Endless Mode Hotfixes

Endless mode is in the beta mode and is still unbalanced. There are some ways through which players can scale their damage and become more powerful than the enemies, which needs to be fixed. This can make the game uninteresting later, so it can be a problem in the final version of the game.

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Balance Changes

Here are all the balance changes which have been introduced into the game with the latest patch update:

• Enemies HP and spawn rate scale faster.

• Enemy spawn patterns changed.

• Increased XP required to level for level 60+.

• Upgrades can be taken, at max, 3 times in Endless Mode.

• Summons can attack at a max of 5 times per second.

• Trained Dragon: Attack speed scaling changed from multiplicative to additive.

• Magic Lens: Damage scaling changed from multiplicative to additive.

• Intense Glare: Damage scaling changed from multiplicative to additive.

• Stalwart Shield: Shield cooldown reduction changed from 60 second flat reduction to reducing cooldown by half.

Bug Fixes

These are the bugs that have been recorded and fixed in the game: 

• Fixed certain summon related upgrades not applying to summons that were acquired after picking the summon related upgrades (i.e. if Vengeful Ghost is taken and then Ghost Friend is taken, Vengeful Ghost would not apply to Ghost Friend).

• Fixed Magic Lens not orienting correctly if you take more than one.

The full release notes on balance changes and bug fixes are available at the official Discord server for 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

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