10 Helpful Minecraft Survival Tips

10 Helpful Minecraft Survival Tips

Over a decade after its release, Minecraft is still amazingly popular. The game has gone on to sell over 200 million copies. Even now, Minecraft mystifies and amazes players of all ages.

But many of us still struggle with the game’s tricky Survival Mode. Those cute game creatures all seem to want to kill you.

Don’t worry. That’s why we’ve put together these ten helpful tips to help make it through those difficult first few Survival Mode days to ensure you can thrive and prosper on a lengthy adventure. 

1. Do Some Research First

Remember how we said Minecraft has sold 200 million copies? That means countless people have been on this road before you.

Before you embark, take a few minutes to do some research. You can also broaden your search and get a sense of what players around the world do by changing your virtual location with a VPN.

What is a VPN? A VPN is a virtual private network. Most people use it to improve privacy and security, but it’s really helpful for gamers who want to bypass content restrictions, prevent DDoS attacks, and even improve latency. You can read more about what a VPN is here.

There are tons of great blogs out there. We recommend the ones that advise going for shelter first.

2. Get Down and Dirty

The second you start the game, start stockpiling dirt. You do this by punching the ground. You want a minimum of 40 blocks. This will be sufficient for creating a shelter to keep you hidden at night.

Then you can surround yourself with your dirt blocks. You’ll be able to peek out and check if it’s a day by digging out and replacing one block at a time. It’s not fancy, but it’s the best method for early survival. 

3. Be Ready For Anything

You have no idea what will happen. But worse, you’re given nothing but your hands. How are you supposed to ward off danger with those?

Now is not the time to build your palace. Stay out of trouble and run if you encounter more than creatures. This is how you’ll stay alive.

4. Most Dangers Are At Night

Like scary movies and not the real world, most dangers are at night. Once the day starts to end, you need to go somewhere safe ASAP.

You might not be near your shelter. That’s okay. Try to find the nearest hill and tunnel your way in. Then block the entrance so you’ll be well hidden.

5. Stay Above Ground and Local

Don’t let the above tip fool you into thinking it’s safer underground. In the Minecraft world, things only get scarier. If you see a shaft, then stay away until you’re really prepared.

Likewise, don’t roam too far away. Create a local area that you know well. This home base will give you plenty of opportunities to keep safe.

6. Sticks Are Your Friends

Sticks may not be fancy, but they’re better than nothing. Punch down one of the light brown trees. This should give you one wood block. You’ll be able to convert them into planks via the crafting menu.

Then make them into a stick. You’ll later be able to make swords and all kinds of things. But this will at least protect you from some enemies for now.

7. Be Sneaky

In the early stages of Minecraft, the best way to win a fight is by not getting into one. Take advantage of sneaking so you move around outside your home territory unnoticed.

But if a monster has noticed you already, you better run as fast as you can!

8. (Shallow) Water is Your Ally

Most land monsters generally will either get stuck or slow down if they’re in the water. So, if you’re being chased, just jump in the water.

But keep it shallow. Deeper water may contain Guardian who attacks quickly and can be an even bigger threat.

9. Build Your Crafting Table Before Your House

As much as you want to escape your dirt shelter, you have other priorities. Crafting tables are the base you need to create all kinds of valuable items. With a crafting table, you’ll be able to make a pickaxe.

While you could build a wood house, you can skip this stage and move straight to a stronger stone house, thanks to your pickaxe!

10. Be On Your Guard

Once you made it through the first couple of days, it’s easy to let your guard down. You have to remain vigilant.

Pay attention to audio like the Creeper’s hiss, so you know if a monster might be closing in. Check all directions around you. You never know when a herd of zombies is lined up right behind you.

It’s Only The First Few Days

While Minecraft’s challenges continue throughout the game, many players—even the best—argue the first few are the toughest. Once you’ve laid a strong foundation, you’ll have what you need for the right tools, shelter, equipment, and everything else you need for Minecraft success.

Now get out there and show those monsters who’s boss!  

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